vocation, Tony Thomas is a general contractor based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is president of Summit Construction Inc., a company with a 35 year history of building in New Mexico. His lifelong love of the outdoors has most recently turned to photographing wild birds and animals in their natural environment . Tony and his wife, Davedda, travel the back roads of the deserts of Southern New Mexico, follow the Rocky Mountains north through the United States, Canada and on into Alaska to the coast of the Arctic Ocean.

From coatimundi and phainopepla near Lordsburg, New Mexico , to musk oxen and spectacled eiders at Deadhorse, Alaska, this website hopefully captures just a little of the fascination of seeing wildlife living in a world that is largely connected by the incredible Rocky Mountains. Each photograph identifies the bird or animal as well as the location and date the photograph was taken. This may help provide a better understanding of how yearly cycles effect where they live, as well as their physical appearance .

We hope you enjoy the panorama that nature has provided. Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance artist and inventor, said it best:

“In her (Nature’s) invention, nothing is lacking and nothing is superfluous.”

We invite your comments.